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Learn about best user management practices, how to add new members, accept requests, manage members' roles, and how to deactivate or delete them.


Add Users

1. Log Into your LandingPad Account and Select Members (1) in the Manage section

2. Click the Add new member (2) button (plus sign) on the right side (under the account button).


3. Enter the user’s email address (you can add multiple addresses)

4. Select the role: you can choose to add users as creators (paid) or as screen trialists

5. Finally click the Add button. 

  • If the user already has a LandingPad account, they will need to be added as a personal account: simply tick the box next to the 'Add members as a personal account (optional)' before clicking Add. A Gravity Sketch team member will be able to convert their account to be owned by your organisation. 
  • If this is a new user, this will trigger an email to them to create a LandingPad account.




Accept Requests

Any user in your org is able to request to add a colleague to the org. The Admin is then able to review these requests:

  1. Invite a user to a room:

Users can invite colleagues to the org by navigating to a specific collab room and clicking on the ‘invite user to room’ button  mceclip4.png

  1. Request to add to org

Enter the email, select the role (Creation or screen collab trial) and click on the Send Requests button.


  1. Respond to request (Admin)

The admin(s) will receive an email informing them that there is a pending request to add a colleague to the organisation.


The admin can review this and accept or deny the request in the Requests tab.


Accepting the request will add the member to the org (not only to the room)!


Change roles, Remove and Deactivate users

You can change roles, remove and deactivate existing members in the Members tab. 

Select a member and click on any of the options shown in the screenshots below to perform an action:


A. Change role: Select to change members role

B. Remove Member: Select to remove the member from the org. 

C. Make Inactive: select to deactivate member. Once deactivated the member will be moved to the deactivated list and will not have access to the organisation. You can re-activate the user anytime by selecting the member on the deactivated list and clicking Make Active (the same button).

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