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Elma Kujovic
Elma Kujovic
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You'll need to open the screenshot menu to capture screenshots in Screen Collab.

Open the Screenshot Menu

To take a screenshot in Screen Collab select the camera icon in the right bottom menu or press 'Shift+S' on your keyboard to open (or close) the Screenshot menu.  



Screenshot Menu

Once in the screenshot mode, the rest of the UI will disappear and settings for the screenshot will appear. Set the settings and select Capture button (C) to take a screenshot.


A. Transparent background: switch to the right to make the screenshot background transparent.

B. Square image: switch to the right to change the shape of the screenshot to a square.

C. Capture: select to take a screenshot

D. Exit Screenshot Menu: select to leave the Screenshot mode (or press Shift+S again). 

Screenshots will be saved to your Personal Files space (Business accounts) or My Files (Individual accounts). 


Choose the Location of Screenshots

Before you capture the screenshot you'll have to select the location of the screenshots. 

1. Select Capture

2. Type in the name of the screenshot and select the location

3. Select Save Here

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