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Elma Kujovic
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You can set some general settings, change your password or log out of your LandingPad account in Settings from the lobby. Learn how to access and enable them in the content below.


You can access the Settings from the lobby. Simply select the ⚙️ icon on the panel at the bottom. 

Settings Panel

A. Version: you can find the current version of the app you are using here

B. Handedness: Switch between right and left-handed

C. Tooltips: Switch to the right to enable text tooltips when hovering over thumbnails and buttons

D. Haptics: Switch between Menu Haptics and Full Haptics

E. Default to Cloud Save: Set the default saving setting to Cloud (LandingPad) or to Local 

F. Link to device: Select to link your LandingPad account to the device

G. Startup Preference: Allows you to choose whether the app opens to the lobby, a new sketch, or your most recent sketch

H. Proxy (tethered headsets only): Switch to the right to enable use of your system's proxy (learn more here

I. Language: Select your prefered language among 7 available languages or use the System Language

J. Email Display: Switch to hide or display email linked to your LandingPad account

K. Change Password: Select to change the password of your LandingPad account

L. Logout: Select to log out of your LandingPad account

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