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You might want to bring some images as references or inspiration to your space when creating. You can do this by uploading them to your headset/LandingPad account or directly from the web with the Web Browser feature.

Import Reference Images

You can import reference images locally through your PC or via LandingPad.

Import Images using PC

Connect your VR headset to your PC and drop JPG/PNG image files into the following directory:

This PC\MTP USB Device\Internal shared storage\Gravity Sketch\Reference Images

Import Images using LandingPad

  1. Go to and login into your account
  1. Place JPG/PNG files into My Files by dragging/dropping (you can also simply copy the image from the original source and paste it anywhere in My Files) or selecting the + icon in the top right corner and selecting Upload.

If you cannot find your files soon after importing them, press the Refresh button (C) to reload.

Import Images using Web Browser

To import images from the Web Browser please check the instructions here

Reference Images Panel

A. Import instructions: click to open instructions for importing reference images

B. Show folder on the computer screen (tethered headsets only): Press to open the folder on your computer screen

C. Refresh: Press to load newly added images

D. Hide: Toggle to hide all images from your scene

E. Navigation: Go to the next/previous page

Notion Image

You can scroll through images easily by moving the joystick on the non-drawing hand controller left or right.

Bring Reference Images into your sketch

To bring images to your sketch:

  1. While in a sketch, press the blue Menu button and go to Reference Images
  1. Locate your reference images
  1. Grab and drop the images into your scene


You can bring the reference images directly from the web with the Web Browser feature. Check for more information here


Anchor/Unachor Images

Images are anchored to your perspective by default. Grab the image and press the edit button (Blue) on your non-drawing hand to unanchor. Press again to anchor back.

Animated GIF

Snap images to axes

You can snap any unanchored image to the sketch (by 45-degree increments): 

1. Make sure the image you want to snap is unanchored

2. Grab the image with the drawing hand controller and hold the index finger trigger on the non-drawing hand controller to snap it

Animated GIF

Add Images to the Reference Images menu

You can add an image to your Reference Images by grabbing it from the sketch and dropping it into the Reference Images menu.

  1. Open Reference Images and select a folder you would like to export the image to
  1. Intersect the image you would like to export with the grab sphere and press the grab button
  1. Once you grab the image drop it into the blue box
  1. Name the image and select the blue check mark
  1. Access your exported images within Reference Images in VR or on

You can add one image at a time.

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