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Various controllers will look slightly different in Gravity Sketch, depending on what VR headset you are using. Although the layout might be different, the button functions are the same. Check out our tutorial below to see how to use the controls in Gravity Sketch. 


Controllers functions

You will read or see Dominant Hand and Non-Dominant hand referred to in our tutorials and help articles. This is because you can have your controllers set up for left or right-hand mode. 

The dominant hand controller is the controller with the Grab sphere and the one which you will use to sketch, move, delete and modify objects

The non-dominant controller is the controller with the blue (General Menu), purple (Creation Tools) and clock buttons (Thumbstick). With this controller, you can move around in space and activate settings and tool menus (General Menu).

Tap function: There is no button for tapping. You will need to tap with pointers of controllers without pressing any button. This function is used when using the Keyboard.


By default, Gravity Sketch controllers are set up for right-handed users. To swap controllers for left-handed simply bump the bottoms of the controllers.

Smart Move- Bump controller - Made with Clipchamp.gif

Or you can change the handedness through the settings menu by clicking the General menu button as shown below:


Smart Move- Settings - Made with Clipchamp.gif

Dominant Hand Buttons

Dominant Index Trigger (Front trigger): Use to sketch with your selected tool, point and select. When adding control points you can preview their position by half-grabbing this trigger. Find more information here

Grab (Hand trigger/button trigger): Use to grab, move, rotate, and change the size of objects and the sketch.

Thumbstick: use the thumbstick to increase the size of the grab sphere and the size of the stroke.

When in edit mode, use this thumbstick to change the selection mode of SubD objects and edit points directions of strokes.

Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) and HTC Vive/Pro Controllers have thumbstick functions available on the purple touchpad and Color Wheel touchpad.

Colour Wheel: Use to change the color and material of the objects. 

Delete/Undo Button (Red Button): Use this to undo the actions. When grabbing the object, use the red button to delete the object and when in the edit mode grab points and delete them with the same button.


Non Dominant Hand Buttons

Non-Dominant Index Trigger (Front trigger): No individual purpose but used for certain tools with the Dominant Hand trigger too. With the half-pulling of this trigger, you can snap the axis/plane. When using the axis, half-pull this trigger to recover the axis.

Grab (Hand trigger/button trigger): Use to grab, move and rotate your orientation in a sketch. 

Thumbstick: use the thumbstick to reverse in history of the latest actions.

Edit Mode Button (Blue Button): This button serves as:
  • The Menu button where you can access the options and settings.
  • The Edit Menu button when grabbing and pressing the button.

Creation Menu (Purple Button): The Purple Button is located on your non-dominant hand. Pressing this button accesses your Creation Tools.  Click this button to open the Tools Menu and access all the Gravity Sketch drawing tools.

  • Group

    The purple button with the 3 hexagons. Appears when holding objects and when pressed groups them together

  • Break

    The purple button with the break icon. Appears when holding grouped objects and when pressed ungroups them.


Quick Access buttons

These are not physical buttons on the controller but will appear when turning your non-drawing hand controller outwards. Use this to quickly access the following functions:

  • Save Sketch (floppy disk icon)
  • Take a Screenshot (camera icon)
  • Exit to Lobby (doors icon)

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